Offer expires 01/31/06 and is available only in Comcast wired and serviceable areas to new residential Customers and to former Customers with accounts in good standing who haven't had service for the last 60 days. Rates, speeds and availability of promotional pricing may vary for non-Comcast cable video subscribers. Offer does not include equipment charges. After promotional period, standard service charges and equipment changes apply. For restrictions, minimum requirements and details about service and charges call 1-888-COMCAST. Comcast Home Networking will let you connects up to 5 IP devices to the Internet at one time. Computer using a wireless connection must be within 150 feet of the Gateway. Certain devices using radio frequency (including 2.4GHz cordless phones and microwave ovens) may interfere with or disrupt Internet connections. The File and Printer Sharing Interface neither supports interaction between Apple and Window-based computers, nor sharing between two or more Apple devices. Equipment, including a Gateway, may be purchased from Comcast or leased at Comcast's standard rates (currently $5 per month). Additional equipment may be required. Prices shown do not include taxes and fees. Service is subject to Terms and Conditions of Comcast's Standard High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement and Comcast Home Networking Amendment. Maximum download speed: 8Mbps. Maximum upload speed: 768Kbps. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect download speed. Restrictions and limitations apply.

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